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Hold On To Your Hiney


Vacations in France

Are you planning your holiday? Do you know what to do? This might be a concern for some, they don't know what to do or do not feel happy about doing something special. But what ever one decide to do I guess that this is what we like, not what we always do. So try to think about renting a chateau and living there for at least a week or two, what would that be like? What do you think? I believe that this is something unique and that this should not be forgotten, no, this should be something really ...

Best bathrooms ever

When you think about great houses and how they are done, what do you think about? I do believe that one have the best and greatest opportunity to do well and why not think about the bathroom designs in these great houses. Yes, the dream for me is to have a great bathroom and to do well with it. Why not have a bathroom that have several tubs and showers and maybe a sauna too. Yes, you can really enjoy it like this and have a nice evening and night before bedtime in one of these bathrooms that excels ...


Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to think of modern technology. I mean, sometimes we get solutions for problems that have been created for us. They were not really there and products or services are invented and then a problem is created in order to make us think that we need that product or service. Take interactive tv, that is something that I never missed and I did my whole life without it. I did not encounter any major problems because I didn't have it, but now I think it's so easy that going without it would ...

Det gick sönder

Vår generator på gården gick sönder och då lämnade vi in den på ett företag där vi kunde köpa bytesgeneratorer här i  karlskoga. Där återvinner dom alla gamla generatorer eftersom dom är så duktiga på att renovera just generatorer av olika slag. Idag så ska vi alla tänka på vår miljö och vad vi kastar bort, om det går att renovera eller återanvända, så är det mycket bättre än att det hamnar på de växande sopbergen som finns i sverige idagens läge. Ja om alla tänkte på miljön så skulle den bli bättre